Dive into the Heart of Balinese Art

The aim of Artpreciation is to bring visitors deeper the heart of Balinese art. With Artpreciation, art becomes something larger than the just visual: we explain the historical, social and cultural context of the art you observe. If you are looking to broaden your knowledge and learn about the mystical customs behind the art in Bali, Artpreciation is for you.

Our Art Tours are an amazing way to start this journey of knowledge. They include guided tours with art historians, visits to galleries and museums and exclusive access to prominent artists from the ‘Island of the Gods’ itself.

We are able to tailor our programs according to your needs, if you wish to maximize your experience. Currently we only host English and Indonesian workshops.

Art Expert Guides

To begin the tour, one of our experts will guide you trough the history of Indonesian and Balinese
art, illustrated by the art works. We begin at the early influences of art within the country, then we follow its intriguing developments towards modern art in Indonesia. Traditional art has changed over the many years, transforming into the various forms we see today; the historical, societal and cultural factors of these changes are brought to light within this informative guidance.

Tour of Resorts that have Rare Art Collections

Some of the luxurious properties such as Hotel Tugu Bali, Ayung Resort and Spa, or the The Chedi Club at Tanah Gajah have rare art and artifact collections and it is one of a kind experience to walk trough those spaces and soak in the atmosphere. They integrate pieces into their resorts to maximize the work’s exposure, but of course to add value to their guests experiences as well. Wonderful 3 course meal included

A Visit to Agung Rai Museum of Art (Arma) or Neka Museum

The Museums we collaborate with are perfect places to get the overall understanding of Balinese art as the art works exhibited perfectly showcase the development of Balinese art over the years and works of main influencers. Here, with the help of our expert guides, you can witnesses the changes art went trough and understand the reasons behind. ARMA showcases works from Indonesian and Balinese art legends, such as Affandi, Sudjono, Hendra Gunawan, Srihadi Soedarsono, and others; as well as the works from foreign artists who influenced Bali’s art such as Rudolf Bonnet, Arie Smit, Le Mayeur de Merpres, Blanco, and more.

Meet the Maestros

Bali has many talented artists of many types. However, the maestros we have chosen have truly mastered their talents with full force and embraced who they are within the art world equally so in Indonesia as abroad. Each with their own style and identity, a visit to any of their studios, or ‘their sacred worlds’ as one of the artists said, is a truly unique and exclusive experience.


Made Wianta

Possessed of an intense concentration of energy, Wianta is bubbling and constantly moving. His creation flows from the depth of his psyche. Over two-decades, some 14,000 works of art have emerged from this mans creativity and drive.

Made Djirna

Djirna is a mystery. He refuses to respect order, preferring to use his energy in a desperate effort to capture and externalize a moment that is true to him, and maybe not to others. He works within his own world, but what comes out of this world is wonderful work.

Mangu Putra

Socially conscious and always in an intense contact with the world around him, he makes sure his works exude an inner pulse of life, with a strong meaning and of course an amazing outcome.

Walter Van Oel

Born in the Hague, Netherlands, Van Oel is a renowned artist who has participated in more than 30 exhibitions worldwide. His pieces have a strong identity and a strong visual presence anywhere they are displayed.




Your Hosts

Agung Rai

Born into a very poor family of sharecroppers, Agung Rai peddled paintings and sculptures to visiting tourists in mid-70’s before establishing himself as an influential art dealer and patron. He founded ARMA to provide a learning space for Bali’s younger generations and foreigners.

Arif Bagus Prasetyo

Arif is a fantastically knowledgeable art curator, as well as the editor of the Jakarta based literary journal “Prosa” (Prose). He won the national “Sanggar Minum Kopi Bali Award” for his poetry. A volume of his own poems have been published, entitled Mahsukka (2000), he also recently published two volumes of art criticisms.
Other hosts. We will also engage a number of experts and artist to accompany visitors.

Full-Day Program

  • Introduction to Indonesian and Balinese art by an art expert.
  • Lunch.
  • Museum Visit conducted by the curator.
  • Meet the maestro in his studio.
  • Total 8 hours including transport time.
  • Transportation and english/french speaing guide are included.

Other Programs are Available

  • Tailor-made to your desires
  • Including galleries art, other museums and other artists.
  • Just send an email inquiry to our organizing team.